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About Us:



Introducing “Bravido” by Proline Corporation.


Proline founded “Bravido” with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective to offer exception quality sportswear for the local and international clientele. Style, innovation and creativity, Proline provides more than you need. We provide ideas. It’s because we’ve been around the block more than most that we are able to go beyond merely taking orders. We’re able to make suggestions based on real world experience with past success stories. That means a lot to our customers. It means that, not only do they get high-quality soccer products, but they also receive tailored recommendations. Proline is Consistent and timely turn-around. Our quality products and value-added production services with expert sourcing fulfillment and competitive pricing are performance characteristics that, when put to the test, our customers know aren’t just words in a brochure. These are highly managed characteristics developed through a process of living our business and learning what works and what doesn’t. We focus in every detail to make sure that we offer the luxury and exclusivity feeling combined with the comfort and the high quality of the fabrics we use in the manufacture. We are the first ones to give you everything you need: from Gym to daily wear or even to arrive at a club and be the one to be.



Proline Corporation.



     Bravido brand name is owned, operated and its products are manufactured by Proline Corporation, Pakistan.