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Knowledge and Skill: From corporate manufacturing to promotional soccer products to clubs from service recognition to special event merchandise we have helped a number of individual and companies to achieve their goal. Since 1990 Proline Corporation has helped a number of organizations meet a variety of productive objectives requiring soccer products to help assure success.  Whatever the project or product goal...whoever the intended target audience, the professional staff at Proline has consistently met challenge after challenge with energy, enthusiasm and expertise; a combination that has won us years of repeat business and a superior reputation in sports manufacturing business.


Optimizing Our Capabilities: One thing is certain in the soccer products manufacturing business, and that's constant change. It's critical to have, not just any products, but desired products designed to accommodate the broadest range of product needs and budgets. Our fully realized soccer products are a one-of-a-kind recognition award; Proline has the cutting-edge capabilities to customize soccer products to meet your specific deliver desired products that satisfy every specified audience. Our production capacity includes diversified stitching units capabilities, state-of-the-art and precision controlled specialty-designing staff, in combination with our technically advanced in house workmanship, our services and turn-around advantage have enabled us to provide invaluable customer service to our clients.


Innovative Ideas: Style, innovation and creativity, Proline provides more than soccer products. We provide ideas. It's because we've been around the block more than most that we are able to go beyond merely taking orders. We're able to make suggestions based on real world experience with past success stories. That means a lot to our customers. It means that, not only do they get high-quality soccer products, but they also receive tailored recommendations.


Competitive Pricing: There are a lot of reasons you should consider partnering with Proline to satisfy your soccer merchandise needs. Proline is Consistent and timely turn-around. We have reliable and courteous customer service. Our quality products and value-added production services with expert sourcing fulfillment and competitive pricing are performance characteristics that, when put to the test, our customers know aren't just words in a brochure. These are highly managed characteristics developed through a process of living our business and learning what works and what doesn't. Given the opportunity, we'd like to share our knowledge and experience with you. We want to be your professional source for innovative soccer manufacturing solutions.


Ordering Information: To insure timely delivery of your order; it’s good to order early. You can assist us by ordering early with a delayed shipping date. This allows us to give you, our customer’s better service.


Acceptable Terms of Sales: FOB / CIF / C & F / Pre-Shipment Advance.


Pricing: All prices quoted are in US$ currency. This information is intended for the express use of Distributors and Importers. Quantity discounts are considered net prices and unless otherwise notified, no additional discounts or incentives will be applied. Prices are subject to change without notice. Materials used in the manufacture of Proline soccer balls are based on the availability at the time of placing orders.


Payment: Orders can be paid in advance or through negotiable L/C. However please follow the procedure given below if customers would like to pay through L/C. For advance payments please indicate in your reply email or fax enabling us to provide you a procedure for your convenience.


Minimum Order

Soccer Balls (Assorted Models & Sizes): 1000 Pieces
Other Sports Balls (Assorted Models): 1000 Pieces
Mini Soccer Balls: 2000 Pieces
Soccer Uniforms: 1000 Uniforms (Assorted Designs, Colours & Sizes)

Minimum Order

Soccer Uniforms Sublimated: 2000 Uniforms Assorted Designs, Colours & Sizes)
Tracksuits/Warm-Ups: 500 Pieces Assorted Designs, Colours & Sizes)
Jackets: 500 Pieces Assorted Designs, Colours & Sizes)


Delivery Time: Sports Balls & Garments

Lead Time 30 Days from receipt of L/C (for 1000-2000 Sports Balls)
Lead Time 60 Days from the receipt of L/C (for 3000, 10,000- 20,000 Sports Balls)
Lead Time 90 Days from the receipt of L/C (for 20,000-30,000 Sports Balls)
Lead Time 50 Days from receipt of L/C (for 500-1000 Track Suits / Soccer Uniforms / Jackets)
Lead Time 80 Days from the receipt of L/C (for 1001- 3000 Track Suits / Soccer Uniforms / Jackets)
Lead Time 110 Days from the receipt of L/C (for 3001-5000 Track Suits / Soccer Uniforms / Jackets)

Packaging of Soccer Balls: Special attention is given to the packing method of each soccer ball. Usually we use the box shape or tire shape for packing for each ball. Soccer balls are packed in boxes in quantities of 15 units, 25 units, 30 Units, 40 Units, 45 Units, 50 units and 100 units in each box. We also entertain our customers who require their own method of packing. Any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


Shipping & Freight Charges for Orders: All orders will be charged according to the International Freight Charges either by Boat or by Air or actual freight whichever is greater. It is advisable for customers to mention their port of entry where they want the goods to be shipped; this would enable us to provide the customers exact Freight charges accordingly.


Requirements for Product Samples: Samples are available upon request, but are limited to stock on hand and will be billed at current individual item prices. Samples are not returnable. All prices of samples charged will be reimbursed in full when confirm order is placed.