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Custom Orders (Soccer Balls)

We do any kind of customization on soccer balls as demanded by our customers. We are also very flexible in offering you the basic options for placing your logo or even your club or company name on the soccer balls. You can use our graphic design and place your logo on any blank panel; or you can start with a ''white'' ball and place your own graphics designs and logo on any number of panels that is desirable. To get a customized logo or graphics on the soccer balls send us a well-scanned image of the Logo or Graphics via email and we’ll do the rest of the artwork.  Customized soccer balls and custom imprinted soccer balls are built from scratch.  As soon as you place your order it is sent to our manufacturing facilities. Custom soccer balls are scheduled for materials and prepared.  Lamination, printing and stitching quality is monitored throughout the process. Once complete all soccer balls are inflated and checked for any flaws.  From there, your custom imprinted soccer balls are packed for direct shipment to the destination of your choice. This entire process takes several weeks depending on the scale of your order.